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Twitter Verified...don't be a verified knucklehead...

Don't be in a rush to get your little blue badge...

    Logo for Twitter to represent store about a scam encounteredLast year I was asked why I didn't have a Twitter Verified account, I had no idea what the process was to be verified and why it could be a good thing to show Twitter users I had the little blue badge.

    For those that use the Twitter world, Verfication basically shows to those visitors, connections and "surfers" that you have received a verified badge showing you that your account has passed the scrutiny of Twitter and has presented and provides trustful and quaility sources of information. Having the Verified Twitter badge can also present your message or post to more users depending on the key areas they may be looking for and give you access to stats.

    If you are a filmmaker quite possible those interested in the process or involved in filmmaking will see your Tweets. As a Technology Radio Show, why would we want that? Having more listeners and engaging with ideas, solutions and news would be awesome for us! I found a few post that recommended a Manager or Agent handle getting us Verified, some saying no, that just didn't work. Others saying you just have to follow Twitter Verified and they will respond eventually...Not the case.

    This morning I had noticed my twitter feed was followed by Twitter Verified! I had a certain level of excitement thinking "How cool is that!? Our Brand @TechtalkRadio is becoming recognized. I immediatly followed the Twitter Verfied account back and kept looking at my profile to see if that little blue badge was next to our name! Not once did I think of those silly little emails of a prince in nairobi leaving me a few bucks! I was ready!

    A Few hours later I received a message, "If you Want to be Verified follow the Link in our Bio." How exciting is that! I sat with my phone in hand a traveled to the link - hosted on a server that I didn't recognize. "Is it possible Twitter users a domain hosted by a third party?" That little voice in my head began to talk to me. Usually the accent I hear comes from somebody who would have lived in brooklyn for about 20 years. Think Taylor...."Why is it hosted here" Then looked at the profile itself, it's not verified.The questions coming up like Joe Peschi and Deniro arguing in Casino.

    I decided to take another look at the Twitter Verified FAQ and sure enough, with some reading, Twitter Verification will Never Ask for a Password. I am including the screen caps to show you what not to do. Luckily my brooklyn voice stopped me and made me realize, this was a pfish. As much as I want that little blue badge, keep the wits and common sense to know people want your account info, they want to get into your account to not only affect yours but also those that are connected to you. We as users need to remember this and owe a certain responsability to others we are connected to. Be careful and listen to that voice!

    Here is the link to the FAQ for Twitter Verification

    Screen Shot of Twitter Pfishin Attempt in hopes for Verification Note the Password Request...Seems innocent enough? Note the Link - Not a Secured page

    screen capture of Phishing attempt for Twitter Verification


    The Bio Link and Page for the "Twitter Verified" Hopefully this helps from those handing out too much information

    A second Screen Cap of Twitter Verification page