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I was thinking recently of purchasing a new smart phone and before I checked out battery life and call quality, I was scoping out the Smartphones Camera to see how it could achieve a higher quality photo versus the current device I had. It certainly struck me funny to note the importance of the digital camera on our devices and how intertwined in our lifes they have become. There is no doubt that the capture features for a smartphone play a equally important role in consumers lives as much as the ability to make a call. We are constantly sharing, snapping and saving images to create countless digital memories. The need for better pictures can certainly be aquaired with a complete understand of the smart device as well as having accessories on hand to capture that moment.

Poser Snap 3 in One lens features PoserSnap began its life as a company a couple of years ago answering the call for those wanting to take better pics. Many of us remember the Selfie Stick craze and while many of us chuckled when somebody used them, they certainly did exactly what they were supposed to, allow for better pics. As a company that made and continues to produce a selfie stick, PoserSnap has continued to evolve in providing device options not available from the manufacturers. Wide Angle, Zoom and Macro Lenses for getting up close have helped transform the camera feature on a smartphone to a powerful way to share and keep even better looking images.

If you are looking for Audio needs such as microphones to LED Lighting for Video, lens attachements or even gift sets for the holidays, PoserSnap has many different products for making the process easier

Tune in for our discussion with Brad Harper about the product line and possible ideas for the future with this rapidly changing market of the smartphone, tablets and even PC's

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