How Long has TechtalkRadio been on the Air?

TechtalkRadio has been on the air since 1996. The Show started in Palm Springs as Techtalk with Mike and Andy and became TechtalkRadio in 1998. The TechtalkRadio Show is heard weekly on KGVY AM/FM Tucson, WLMN FM West Virgina, Indiana Talks and nationally via the TechtalkRadio Network. TechtalkRadio also features content on the Website, Blog and on Social Media.

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Does your show have an archive of past shows?

Yes, As you can imagine - we have kept the TechtalkRadio shows archived for many years and our current archive can go back to 1997 - For the Most recent show years, check out http://www.spreaker.com/user/techtalkradio

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Do you have Regular Radio Jobs?

TechtalkRadio is a Full Time operation. With the planning for the Daily Video Techblast, Weekly Radio shows and writing for Television we could probably just do that however, it doesn't pay the bills yet! so we work in Radio in other capacities. Everybody on the staff has worked or is currently working in the Radio Business On-Air. Andy Taylor currently works Morning Drive and an Afternoon Radio Show and Justin Lemme is a Broadcast Network Engineer/IT

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Can I hear the TechtalkRadio Show in Other Cities?

TechtalkRadio would love to continue to have the TechtalkRadio Show on other broadcast stations and invite you to let us know about your local stations. In the meantime, our Podcasts and broadcast are available on Google Music, Spreaker, Tune In and through our RSS on the site. We also broadcast weekly on KGVY AM/FM in the Tucson Metro and Grafton West Virginia on WLMN Radio as well as Indiana Talks

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What do you do with the products you review?

We get asked this question quite often. We feature products on Television and Radio and the idea of them sitting in a pile in the corner of the rooms makes even Slick cringe. We do not charge for Reviews or guest appearances and do not trade hardware for appearances. Most hardware items are returned to the manufacturers within a set amount of time. Some companies do also provide the product for On-Air/Site giveaway, that benefits everybody! In some cases for our TV Segments we have purchased product with our extremely small budget.

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How can I write for TechtalkRadio.Com

We are always looking for good content and content developers that have a passion for consumer electronics and Tech. If you think this is something you would like to pursue, drop us a line!

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Can I advertise on TechtalkRadio or the Website?

The TechtalkRadio Network has a variety of ways to get your message across whether it is on the KGVY AM/FM Broadcast Show, National Show, Other Radio Shows, Offical TechtalkRadio Website, Video Ads, Banners on our weekly videos, Live Radio Broadcast or on other Technology Shows across the country. Contact us for information on rates and services, you'll be surprised at the many different ways we can work with you!