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  • Leftover Cupcakes and Fruit Punch
  • In this Week’s show, Justin and Andy discuss the trend in naming Podcast and Television Shows. With this, Justin finally finishes Season Two of Stranger Things and describes the show for those that haven’t watched it yet. No Spoilers. Crypto currency is once again discussed with the latest drop and the guys muse on the possible reasons. Will this digital currency go away? Why is HODL so important to learn and understanding the technology is a key for peace of mind in the volatile crypto market. Facebook blocking of Ads for Digital Currency may actually help those looking to jump in. Justin again stresses the Ledger Wallet as a method for securing your digital crypto.
  • Justin talks about the success of the Nintendo Switch, what can keep them in the running as one of the best console gaming devices? In less than one year, the Nintendo Switch has surpassed previous Nintendo gaming devices. The dark side of the internet is discussed with the technology on the subject of video and machine learning and replacing the faces of public celebrities to adult videos. The public violation to those depicted in the movies is discussed. The guys talk about the wider future issues that could come up to create panic and misinformation.
  • Lisa Green Lewis CPA and Tax Expert returns to the show to discuss 2017 Taxes filed with Intuit TurboTax along with the various packages from TurboTax. Over 60 Million users are able to use the Absolute Zero filing depending on the situation with their personal income. One in Five tax payers are moving into self employment and TurboTax offers solutions for those customers. In 2014 The IRS set standards for Digital Investments such as Bitcoin, many have questioned the requirements of filing, Lisa help clear any misunderstandings on this new subject. TurboTax live is discussed and how this can help many filers.
  • Andy has been shopping for a Car and while any new car he purchases should have technology such as Bluetooth and Navigation, Justin and Andy don’t agree on Autonomous Vehicles. Would you want to have a vehicle get you to a destination without you driving it? Should Ride Sharing companies such as Uber be allowed to block out autonomous vehicles from operating within cities? Justin shares the benefits of today’s technology and why this may be safer then Andy thinks.
  • Flamethrowers for fun! The latest from Elon Musk is discussed. Stan sends a note asking about TP-Link Routers and Justin share’s his hands on experience. Justin also recommends a UPS on the Router while Andy talks about his friend who was having issues with his router in the kitchen. Website of the Week is a site for supporting the arts

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  • In this Weeks Segment - Tech Gear for Photographers
  • KMSB Fox 11 Daybreak Tech Segment - In this Weeks Segment, In this Weeks Segment we have a couple of products for the photographer for Traditional Film and DSLR. USA Gear has the latest in a Low Cost, well constructed Camera Bag. The Company offers Lights, Camera Straps, Car Mounts and Bags and Cases for the Casual and Professional Photographer. Safely carrying Lenses and Camera Body’s along with a Tablet or Notebook for Editing in the field. The S17 Series offers customization for the interior of the bag with adjustable dividers. The USAGear bag also Comes with a rain cover and the design allows for the S17 to be used as a backpack or a sling. This unit runs about 49.95 and is made for photography and video.
  • USA Gear S17 Accessory Power SRP 49.99
  • For those that like to take photos with a smart phone, Tzumi SteadyGo Gimbal is an electrical stabilizer 3 Axis Gimbal. Slide the smartphone into the Bluetooth connected stabilizer and control your Smartphone Shots with this rechargeable device. The Tzumi SteadyGo is priced at 99.00
  • SteadyGo Smartphone Camera Stabilizer SRP 99.00
  • From 01/08/2018
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