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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In this Segment from Fox 11 KMSB Daybreak Andy Taylor visits with Lydia Camarillo and shares some of the features from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with service from AT&T,

From the Impressive Battery Technology of the Edge to the 5.1 inch screen and Vibrant Front and Rear Camera's Andy Taylor gives us a brief overview of the differences between the S6 and the S6 EdgeView More Videos →

Photo of Andy Taylor of TechtalkRadioTHE SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE

Andy Taylor

AT&T Sent me over the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to test out for a few days and while I would love to get super excited over the features such as the Screen Size, Resolution, awesome Camera and adjustment features - I would be fibbing if I didn't say, "The Battery features make this so worth it!"

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are actually smaller in battery size then the previous S5 however the technology with the 64Bit Octacore processor and energy management give the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge tremendous battery life that exceeds the S5. At the product launch it was revealed the Galaxy 6 is designed to achieve a quick charge in 10min for a 4 hour window of use. While I was doing the TV Segment today on Daybreak, my iPhone 5S which was registering 30% power died on me when trying to take a photo. I'm not sure if it was jealous of the attention the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was getting but in the scheme of things, we have all experienced the similar, this attention is deserved.

The camera does take amazing bright crisp photos that look vibrant on the 5.1 Inch 2650x1440 resolution screen which can shoot in 16MP rear and 5MP to the front. More detail and more opportunities to fine tune, crop, soften and even cartoon the photos you've taken. The Forward Camera which serves as a Selfies Dream features Selfie, Wide Selfie, Virtual Shot and Interval Shot. I thought the Interval show was pretty cool. Subject stays in the center, the camera is moved from the left and right around the object. When completed the user can then tilt the Galaxy S6 Edge to the left or right to move around the photo. Yes, I know, not very practical but fun!

Photo from KMSB Fox 11 Daybreak Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeThe Galaxy S6 Edge we looked at features a good amount of storage with 32GB. A 64GB and 128GB version is available in both S6 Offerings.

The Edge model features a slightly curves screen at the edges which can deliver stock, news and other feeds that can be customized. Also on the Edges side displays can be missed calls, emails and message along with a Night Light type feature with the time and temperature displayed even with the main screen turned off.

One of the issues that may make some hold back alittle, the Expansion MicroSD is no longer available as well as a removable battery. While this could be a drawback, the longer battery life and energy management can take care of the removable battery change and large storage and the cloud could negate the need for removable storage. No longer Waterproof so don't give it the test, the light well powered Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are a nice addition to the AT&T Lienup. I would certainly recommend getting a Otterbox or similar protective case for either device.

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