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  • Episode 232 – If It Looks Like A Duck
  • In this Weeks Episode Justin and Andy talk about Facebook and a recent story about a possible DDos Attack. Justin explains what a Denial and Distributed Denial of Service attack is in very easy to understand but silly terms. How damaging could a DDos Attack be? Could your computer be used to attack other computers. The guys talk about the Addiction of the Smartphone and the Internet and Justin shares info on a fictional book he started to get into that imagines the electrical grid being taken down after an EMP. The book Justin talks about is titled "One Second After" by Author William Forstchen. Could this ever happen?
  • Cyber Monday is almost here, Black Friday has passed - How much has been spent on yourself for Black Friday? The Average is $353 however this without telling the spouse! Andy talks about a GREAT article from CNET on Tips on buying the proper television, what should you look out for? HDMI Ports? Smart TV? HDR? Some bugs were reported with the Google Pixel 3XL however Justin has had No Issues with his.
  • Paige Hanson, Cyber Security Expert at Symantec/Lifelock visits the show to talk about some of the threats to consumers and businesses especially during the holiday shopping season. Maintaining your Online Financial Identity is an important task and Lifelock helps protect yourself from Lines of Credit opened in your name and other dangers which could cost you time and money. Paige shares some thoughts on protecting your accounts while shopping which can begin with Emails. Symantec has many products which can make handling the protections easier. Paige also reminds us about Giving Tuesday and to be careful of Phishing Emails and attempts to steer your desire to help during Giving Tuesday.
  • The Holiday Shopping Season is here, Michele Dupré Group Vice President at Verizon Enterprise Solutions shares some data on this Holiday Season which Verizon Enterprise Solutions has compiled into a report. Learn how the Report compiled helps marketing efforts and trends for this holiday season.
  • Justin talks about the downside to having such a great season of fantastic gaming titles and the one he is looking forward to. Our feature of the week is a recommendation of the app Tomorrow. This app is designed to help give the user more freedom for family finance. Find out more at
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