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Event features the iPad Pro, iPhone 6s and Apple TV with other Surprises

September 9th 2015 was a big day in the September Event for Apple as the company unveiled to Press New Products that will be available very soon Andy Taylor of TechtalkRadio talked with Scott Sands of WSPD Toledo on some of the announcements and learned why Scott isn't a fan of the "Apple Pencil"


We had a chance to see the Apple Watch Version 2.0 along with some fashion accessories and an announcement of support with new Apps coming with everything  from Facebook Instant Messenger to GoPro to an application for the Medical minded that can monitor vitals of not just the wearer but even possibly a child in the womb.

Also featured was the Apple iPad Pro, a new huge addition to the iPad lineup with an impressive 12.9 inch display, 5.6Million Pixels running a "Desktop Class" Processor, the A9X. The new iPad Pro can also connect to a Smart Keyboard via a new connector as well as utilize the Apple "Pencil", The Apple Pencil is basically a stylus which can work with the iPad Pro screen and create for the basic uses to products from Autocad and Adobe. Pricing for the Keyboard is designed around $169 and the Apple Pencil $99. The iPad Pro will start around $799 with Wi-Fi and 32GB and could go as high as $1079 for the 128GB device with both Wi-Fi and Cellular models.  

Will the Mac Book Air user abandon the Mac Book Air and go to the iPad Pro? We will have to wait and see what develops. Don't lose your pencil, that could become expensive. 

Also shared with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. While the iPhone may look the same, the inner workings have been enhanced. Instead of the Previous 8MP iSight Camera, users will find a 12MP Rear iSight camera and 5MP forward. The New Faster A9X processor will be included on the 6S Models along with a more responsive TouchID Sensor that is said to be 2X Faster. If you are one that wants the best video possible, the iPhone 6S can shoot 4k Video. Will I upgrade my recently purchased iPhone 6 to the 6S? More than likely, better video and faster processor could be reason enough. 

Finally, the one I really wanted to hear about was the all new AppleTV . I was a little miffed when a reporter from a national News Organization stated that since the Apple TV had the ability to play games, "it was about time to turn the entertainment center into a gaming center as well." I scratched my head thinking, what about Xbox One? Either way, a new remote with the integration of Siri that is bluetooth not IR and a small amount of  storage (32GB for $149 and 64GB for $199)  for the game downloads will fluctuate the price of the Apple TV.  Also, similar to the feature found in Windows 10, users could watch a show on the AppleTV and finish watching on the iPhone or iPad Pro later. 

Some of these products will be available for ordering immediately while others we will start to see in November, Just in time for the Holidays!