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Event features the Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 and 7Plus and Carpool Kareoke

Yes, they did it, Apple changed the design quite radically with the removal of the constant to the iPhone, iPod and iPad, the Headphone Port is gone. While this is the attention grabber for some, innovation in other areas and a dynamic camera on the iPhone 7 Plus should be the focus (No, we weren't trying to be Punny) Check out our discussion with Friend and Afternoon Host at WSPD Toledo on the event


The last time we talked with Scott Sands for the annual September Event from Apple, we had taken a look at the Apple Watch Version 2 and the still gigantic iPad with 12.9 inch display.

The discussion today once again focused on the Apple Watch however this time some real changes to make first time adopters happy and those that have already been enjoying the benefits of the Apple Watch. The latest news brings the Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS features and a fast Dual-Core processor. Of course the price of the Apple Watch Series 2 will vary depending on the style chosen however for those that love the outdoors and keeping connected this is a great companion. The New Apple Watch Series 2 will also feature Water resistance for those that could be in a situation where water could otherwise damage the watch. Along with the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 2 was the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 1 available also with a Dual-Core Processor and available for an starting price of $269, the Series 1 is not equipped with GPS Features.

Photo of the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus build on the popularity of the iOS brand with iOS 10 and many other features including a redesigned home button and impressive cameras. The iPhone 7 Plus adds a camera to the rear giving the user more control, a larger aperture and zoom and telephoto control. Dust and water resistant the phones also present a longer battery life then the previous 6S, according to Apple, as much as 2 hours more usage through the A10 processor with provides more processing power while using less energy. The announcement for those looking for phones with more storage can also purchase the models with up to 256GB of course that will change the price point. Previous models still available will also not be available with 16GB however now will feature 32GB and up. The iPhone 7 with a 4.7inch display starts with pricing at $649 while the iPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5 inch display starts at $749 Both devices are available in 32, 64, 128 and 256GB except for the new Jet Black version which is only available in 128GB and 256GB

Out of the hardware realm, Apples Tim Cook discussed the companies commitment to the ConnectED program which works to partner with Education in bringing Apple Technology to the classroom for both teachers and students. iTunes also continuing to grow its footprint to users around the world and the Real Time Collaboration features of iWorks. For those that enjoy the Mac Experiences looking for features found within OneNote or Google Docs, The Mac real estate can now be used with RT in iWorks.

The question now is for consumers, will they upgrade out of the current iOS devices the have? Mr Cook was on stage talking about the fact that 1Billion iPhones had been produced and honestly, he could have come on stage and said, I have nothing to announce, upgrade your damn devices - but its not the Apple Way. Will the consumers be able to grasp the AirPod features and unteather from the Dongle? How many will lose on of the AirPods within a few weeks? (Raising my Hand) How about a GPS for the AirPod we will lose?

Always a great time talking with Scott Sands at WSPD! Let us know what you think of the announcements at the Apple Event!