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House of Cards Actor Kevin Spacey featured in Trailer for Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

If you take a look at some of the hottest video titles for Console and PC/Mac, you would be probably surprised at some of the big names that have voice characters from the video titles. Celebrities from different genres from Snoop Dog (He goes by Snoop Lion now) to Gary Oldman to Christopher Walken have lent their talent to help create a true to life character with thier acting skills.


House of Cards Actor Kevin Spacey featured in Trailer for Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Logo for Call Of Duty Voice Acting is a skill and one that helps lend credibility to a character in a game, a animation or even a narrative. While some voice character actors may challange the use of larger named stars that make a living in front of the camera's, the star power that Liam Neesen or 50 Cent adds to a game could help the sales of the title. Although, bad graphics will kill a title faster then an Ice Cream in Tucson during July.

Call Of Duty Big Acting Talents VoiceThe Art and business of game development is not restricted by small budgets and now, some titles carry larger budgets then some feature films. In the latest installment from the Call of Duty franchise, first time developer AAA Studios Sledgehammer Games gives gamers a look at the future with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The Trailer features amazing graphics and what appears to be great gameplay.

It was announced today that Oscar winner Kevin Spacey is joining the cast of the "Call of Duty Advanced Warfare."  as Jonathon Irons , a subject whose character controls with power. A preview trailer has been released which shows the Digital Kevin Spacey as a leader in the game set to take place in the future. His Inclusion and with the tagline, "Power Changes Everything", tells you his acting skills will be in full character. The title is set to be released November 4th of 2014. For More information about this title and to Pre-Order check out these links.,, or follow @CallofDuty on Twitter and Instagram