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Sprint Rolls out New Direct To You Service


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Sprint today announced the beginning of what is intended to be a national rollout of Sprint Direct 2 You! If you have been thinking about buying or upgrade your mobile phones, tablets, the company is not making you wait till you can make it into a Sprint store, They will come to you!

With Sprint Direct 2 You, an expert from Sprint that is trained on devices will bring that mobile device you are interested in to you, they will demo the device and then set it up and transfer all of their content, including contacts, pictures, videos and apps, from their old device to a new one. Major Cities will see the growth with about 5000 Sprint Direct 2 You vehicles in Major cities by years end.

he service will officially kick off today, in Kansas City, later in the month for those in Chicago and Miami for those customers that are upgrade eleigible. Sprint sent us over a chart on how the service will work Here’s how it works:  

1.       Qualified customers receive an offer via text or email to upgrade their phone.

2.       Customers call the Sprint phone number in the text or email to take advantage of the offer and schedule an appointment for this free service.

3.       A Direct 2 You Expert arrives when and where the customer requests, sets up and activates the new phone, transferring all contacts and data from the old phone, then personalizes the new device to the customer’s specifications.

4.       Customers can choose to turn in their old phones for recycling or reuse.

FAQS From Sprint

Is this new to wireless? 
Sprint is the only carrier to bring the in-store experience to the comfort of a customer’s home, office or other location they choose.  

Do you plan on offering the service nationwide?

Will this require a lot of money and resources from Sprint?
Direct 2 You is a worthwhile investment in the Sprint customer experience.  We have many channels to offer customers products and services – this is new channel for personalized service that’s not online or in-store.

Will this reduce retail store traffic?
Direct 2 You is not a replacement for the in-store experience.  It’s a new service for those who want a personalized customer experience at a location they choose.

How many new jobs will it create? 
When fully rolled out, we estimate about 5,000 new jobs, most full-time. This will be a new, separate team of people who are being trained by Sprint and will have the same knowledge of Sprint products as Sprint retail staff.

So, if I’m a Sprint customer, I can’t just call up and order a phone and have it delivered? Do I have to receive the text or email first?
Today, Direct 2 You is for eligible upgrade customers only.  As Sprint rolls out the service in new markets it will add delivery options

Is Direct 2 You available only at certain hours.
It’s available seven day a week during business hours; the customer decides exactly where and when to meet.

How long do appointments take?
Appointments vary based on customers’ needs.  The average is 45 minutes to an hour.

Will customers know how they’ll be alerted to their upgrade opportunity and Direct 2 You?
It depends on how customers have elected to be contacted – text, email, or by phone.

What are the limitations? 
Within participating markets, Sprint will have specific delivery zones.  Upon setting up your appointment, the specialist will determine if your desired location is eligible for Direct 2 You.

Is there an advantage in Direct 2 You over ordering online or visiting a store?
Direct 2 You combines the convenience of an online experience with the personalized in-store experience.

Are the appointments given in timeframes or exact times?
Appointments follow precisely-timed delivery slots—2 p.m. means 2 p.m.

How will new customers receive Direct 2 You and when?
Beginning in September, in selected markets, new customers will be able to select this option when buying online or through call centers.

How many customers have already participated in Direct 2 You?
Dozens so far in testing in the Kansas City area, which has gone very favorably. .

How many Sprint Direct 2 You experts will there be initially?
We will start with a team of around 30.  That number will grow as the program expands across the country.

Is there a target audience for the service?
No, we are not imposing the service on certain customers or targeting certain customer profiles. Direct 2 You is another option for customers to do business with Sprint.  Some enjoy the in-store experience, some don’t. Direct 2 You provides an option to those who prefer personalized service in the comfort of a location they choose.

Do customers pre-select the phones that Sprint experts bring them?

What if customers change their minds on the device that’s delivered?
Not a problem.  Sprint experts will carry additional devices and accessories, but typically what we’ve found in testing is that customers know exactly what they want.

Will customers have to haggle over buyback pricing? 
No negotiations, no bartering, no fuss – Sprint experts can quickly tell customers what their existing phone is worth. The customer can accept the Sprint Buyback offer, which Sprint guarantees is the best in the industry, or not.

Is this just another opportunity for Sprint to upsell its products and services?
This is not about upselling.  It’s about delivering a great customer experience.

How does this affect a customer’s service plan?
There is no effect on the service plan.

Do you believe this sort of service is a game-changer for the industry?

  • Direct 2 You will transform forever the way customers buy or upgrade their mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices with the introduction of Sprint Direct 2 You.
  • Sprint is bringing an in-store experience to the comfort of a customer’s own home, office or other location they choose with this innovative service that is unlike anything else in wireless today. 
How will the program evolve? Will you eventually deliver phones for more than just customers who are eligible for an upgrade? Deliver accessories? 
For now, we are focused on creating an exceptional customer experience with each Direct 2 You delivery.  As Sprint launches the service in more markets and learns more about customers’ delivery needs, the program will evolve.
Can a customer get same-day delivery?
Not initially, but delivery options will evolve.
What type of car should customers watch for?
The official car is a Sprint branded Fiat 500.
So, is this a program designed to boost your leasing business?
We revolutionized wireless by leasing devices to our customers – upping the stakes for wireless value and convenience.  Leasing changed the wireless customer experience for the better.  With Direct 2 You, Sprint now offers another new experience – one that brings the in-store experience directly to where and when customers want them.
Do Sprint employees make the deliveries? Will you be hiring more staff?
We currently use a vendor to staff Direct 2 You. . The staff is retail-trained by Sprint and provides added value with the vendor’s experience offering field services for other industries.  All staff will wear the Sprint brand.
How are these employees vetted?
The vendor vets all employees. However, there are mandated contractual elements with regard to hiring/background check/security, etc.
Are you concerned with a third party having access to customer information?
Sprint Direct 2 You experts adhere to all of the Sprint-branded guidelines and are subject to the same training and responsibilities as our retail associates.
Are you worried that this service will cannibalize your retail business, particularly on the heels of your Radio Shack announcements?
We believe we are meeting consumer expectations to help them get phones in the most convenient way that fits into their lifestyle. If it’s a personalized delivery – we can do that now. If it’s about a great in-store service, we can provide that as well.