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Logo for MUSO In Story on TechtalkRadioThe Urban Dictionary defines a MUSO as one that is obsessed with music. The MUSO will be one of those that has to have just about every different type of music possible.

Muso is also the name of an organization that monitors P2P and other file sharing sites that may be illegally sharing artist content. Muso doesn't necessarily do this service from the good of its heart to help stem the loss of revenue to labels, producers and artist - it has a business model which allows those in the industry to subsribe to the service and recieve information to when DMCA violations are occuring.

The organization recently shared inormation on the numbers when it comes to artist and music shared. The information was particularly an eye opener to those managing the Beatles Catalogue of music. The Math of this shows 186,876 files with the Beatles music have been removed from the Internet, it's then estimated that each one of those files features a download of with an average of a thousand downloads per file. See where this is going? This then roughly could equal close to 190-million illegal downloads per year. Imagine if each download was worth even just One Dollar. The rest of the "Top Ten List" is as follows

2. Fleetwood Mac (73,000)
3. Bob Marley (60,000)
4. Led Zeppelin (59,011)
5. Cliff Richard (56,576)
6. Stevie Wonder (45,496)
7. Jimi Hendrix (44,093)
8. Elvis Presley (40,794)
9. ABBA (35,193)
10. The Rolling Stones (34,444)

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