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Get a Glimpse of your Favorite Website's in the Old Days

Take a look around the web and it is very easy to see how the Web has changed from the look it had even just 5 years ago. Websites in a need to retain and build visitor traffic have found ways to add Plug-ins and Widgets to easily draw people to their domains. Without even touching on the significance of Social Networking and how it can correlate to web traffic, websites are generally more visually appealing then the strict HTML of early years.


While more nephews and cousins of somebody in your office learn how to add a graphic to a page or adjust the boldness of some text, others dabble in areas of XHTML and PHP to deliver websites that perform the function of the intended website. But really, a question that shouldn't be avoided in the web development process is, what is that function of your website?

A buddy of mine that handles marketing for a company in California told me that in his experience, sites are built all wrong. In many cases, A web company approach's the business about building a site and in many cases shows off a various amount of custom made templates that could work for the client. We both agree that while there is nothing incorrect about using templates or for that matter giving the client a choice, the first step before even talking about the Wiz Bam Boom of a site should be to ask the client of the function.

Is the functioning website to sell a product, promote an item, make first contact or show off the Art Collection in your house in Yuma? Seriously, you have to have a plan just as you would on starting a new business and asking for a business loan. Talk with the web talent you have hired how you intend to drive traffic to your site and who indeed is your intended audience. Remember, as you decide a website is right, if you wore the same old clothes every day and didn't change up - you eventually might fade into the background. Come up with a plan to freshen up your site, use the Free Social Networking available but don't lose that focus on the function.

With that said, I found a great website that gives you the ability to check out websites in the past and see how they used to look compared to where they are today. How fitting as I write this article on "Back to the Future Day" October 26th. Jump into the web Deloreon at and visit some of your favorite sites.

The Original TechtalkRadio site actually started on a Sub domain on a GTE account that I personally owned and began way back in 1995, those pages thankfully only exist on backup tapes however you could use the wayback machine to January of 1999 and take a look at Mike O'Brien, Bill Grace and myself doing the weekly broadcast show. We would venture into the Desert Radio Group Studio in Palm Springs on Saturdays at 11am to do a live 2 hour show. I think the most fun from that show was stopping at Denny's with my friends on the way in and watching Bill pour about 10 packets of sugar in his Ice Tea!

TechtalkRadio WayBack 1999

As you'll see, the website has changed it's look over time and today TechtalkRadio.Com continues to grow and develop. I am contemplating taking the site even further and am looking for ideas and thoughts on how we can make it function even better for you. As we move forward, I want to thank all the visitors over the years in our radio markets of Palm Springs and Tucson and beyond with the Internet who have visited and are returning more frequently as we are updating daily. I'd love to remind you to subscribe to our Blog at

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