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Authors Chris and Carrie Ewin talk about the new Book Facebook for Seniors


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We think it is safe to say that many starting off points on the World Wide Web begin at Facebook. I remember when Facebook first made its appearances, many people over the age of 20 thought it was just for kids. Connecting through school and sharing Selfies. Facebook has certainly morphed into a one stop web and app destination for just about anybody. Whether it be focused at family, friends or co-workers Facebook took the ball and ran with it. As the features of Facebook continue to evolve, we see more inquisitive users wanting to jump online and share connections with fellow school mates, former co-workers or even grandchildren. We of course are talking about the Senior Population.

Seniors on Facebook are a tremendous asset with the ability to share photos from the past, didn't know Grandma and Grandpa went to see Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden in 1973? Or that your great uncle interviewed Elvis Presley on the radio? Maybe now you can find out some facts about the folks and be able to easily share experiences and family with them. Now, even though Family may live thousands of miles away, playing a game online through Facebook is certainly possible.

One of the toughest hurdles to overcome has been the education on how to get on Facebook, set up and account, learn how and what not to share and of course make connections with the world or with a set of users. The Book from Carrie, Chris and Cheryl Ewin has set out to give the Facebook for Senior or any user for that matter the step by step guide on getting the most out of Facebook. The authors have combined experience with Carrie holding a degree in education and psychology, Chris is a PhD student and also runs his own computer company and Cheryl is a teacher. Most seniors that have arrived on Facebook has found great joy in events, groups and sharing photos as well as playing games through the interface. Facebook for Seniors is an excellent way to follow the bouncing ball and get into one of the top drivers in Social Media. Also covered are the things to be careful of, the Scams, the identity fakers and stealers and giving too much personal information. With this book in hand though, Facebook for Seniors should be a helpful companion. For users that are unsure of even moving the mouse around, rest at ease, Facebook for Seniors can help you overcome that obstacle. Dig in, don't worry you won't break the internet.

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