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As our cars become more connected, the experience of a drive could be just a memory. Cobra Electronics has a long history of enhancing the driving experience from its CB Radios (Yes, I had One!) to its radar detection devices. For about 54 years the company has provided not only for the daily about town driver but also for the long haul truck operator.

Photo of the Interior of a Vehickle with the CDR855BT from Cobra Electronics in our Interview at TechtalkRadioCobra Electronics has been working to now take that memory of a drive and capture the experience in High Definition video. This is accomplished with the Drive HD line of Dash Cams from Cobra Electronics and since first introduced, the technology has grown to provide not only better video but unattended worry free recording along with GPS app related and parking mode features. The Drive HD Dashcams are easily mounted to the Windshield interior via a strong suction cup and tucked away behind the rear view mirror. Connection for power is made via a 5volt cable that can be run to the car charger. The cable provided is long so it can be easily run and hidden.

With Bluetooth Connectivity users can have location recorded onto the captured video. A G-Shock sensor also can take video and record it to a special area of the SD Card used for capturing the recording. Since the video records in a loop to constantly record the drive, there is no need to remove the SD card and change out during a drive. If there is nothing that was needed to be captured, the user can just elect previous recording to be recorded over. This is different when the G-Shock sensor recognizes an event such as a large shock, which could indicate an accident. This is recorded to a seperate section that is not recorded over. The viewfinder can provide all the needed features and if on battery power let you know how much time is left for battery recording and whether the microphone is recording or not.

Viewfinder Screen on the CDR855 from Cobra Electronics in our Interview with TechtalkRadioThe Drive HD Dash Cam does have a battery which can be used in a limited basis. An Example would be if an accident occured and you needed to take some still photos of the scene for insurance or law enforcement - the camera can easily be removed from the mount in the vehicle and used to take still photos. All of this selectable from the viewfinder on the back of the Dashcam.


The Drive HD Dashcam is available in different models with different capabilities. The Quality of the video has been fantastic and can capture in-vehicle audio or be turned off.

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