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Four New Models Enhance the Audio Experience


Photo of Senior Product Specialist Eric Palonen - Interviewed at TechtalkRadio

Eric Palonen

Senior Product Specialist

Sennheiser USA this week announced Four new models of headphones that are focused directly at the gamer. If you Fire up any of the game titles that have been introduced in the last few years and those that are available as well on the store shelves now, there is no doubt you will be amazed at the Graphics and game play that are a part of today's multi million dollar industry. Gamers that enjoy First Person Shooters, MMORP games and simulation games such as Flight Simulator X come from many different walks of life and ages. One commonality though to the gamer is they want an immersion experience.

With Sennheiser's new headphones, the idea has been to create a headphone that is not only comfortable but offers features the user rich full sound with a microphone for interaction with other gamers. The Sennheiser headsets are important Designers and distributors of these gaming titles as they know that if they create franchises that have the gamers talking and sharing the elements of graphics and game play as well as audio features, the pocketbooks will return to buy up future titles and spread the word of mouth on current titles. If you think about it, the gaming industry is not unlike the motion picture industry as both Visual Effects and Screens changed as well as the sound in a movie theatre. Some of the technology found in theaters and even home movie theaters was designed but Dolby Laboratories. Some of that same technology can be found in a couple of the latest announced headsets from Sennheiser.

TechtalkRadio Photo of Sennheiser PC163DTwo of the models announced feature Dolby Headphone technology which is designed to deliver 7.1 sound virtualization. The Sennheiser PC 163D and the PC333D both offer this 360 degree coverage to completely immerse the gamer into the title. This can be extremely handy in the game to hear footsteps from a competitor or a vehicle coming up from behind. There are a couple of subtle differences between the headsets. The Sennheiser PC 163D features an open ear design which can give the user hours of comfort as well as the ability to hear sounds that exist in the outside world. The Sennheiser PC 333D takes a different approach with a closed ear cup which also features comfort but also allows one headphone cup to swivel. This allows friends to talk to the gamer while they are playing. Volume control is located on the ear cup which makes fumbling for a cord looking for the slider a thing of the past. Both the Sennheiser PC163D and PC333D come with a professional standard noise-canceling microphone. As the boom is raised on the microphone, muting will occur to make the experience for other gamers in the Voice Chat less rife with the sound of moving microphones.

Also announced from Sennheiser are two other headsets focused at the gamer. The Sennheiser PC360 and the Sennheiser PC330 G4ME. The 360 offers the Open-Aire speaker technology as well as the Noise Canceling Microphone. The 330 features the ear cub that can be swiveled as well as the microphone as with the other models.

Listen in to our interview with Senior Product Specialist Eric Palonen from Sennheiser as we talk about this product announcement.

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