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Sprints Unlimited Plans Explained

This is an Archive originally recorded in July 2011 - Technology and Prices may have changed and we provide this for your research

It's really hard to imagine an industry with a competition factor like we see with the Cell Service business. Customers truly have some great options not only with great handsets but also with the amount they pay for the services they use.

I have always been a fan of the everything model. I would be amiss to say, the reason for my excitement on this structure was after getting that occasional Cell bill that was just about as much as my car payment. Nothing worse then having to cancel the family vacation to Iowa because Aunt Eunice liked to call about her bunion surgery.

Verizon recently announced they were dropping thier unlimited plans in exchange for a 2GB data service priced at 29.99. Seperate from Voice Charges the 29,99 is a requirement. Wondering if Carrier Sprint was going to follow suit, we talked with Emmy Anderson about the Simple Everything Plan and Unlimited Data Plan to find out where the company is going with this service and how it saves money for the end user not just in the long run but in the first months bill.

Tune in and Listen to Emmy Anderson, Sprint's Communications Manager shares more info about the plans, a variety of award winning handsets and ways to make the transition to Sprint. For More information, Visit

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