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Saving Money and Rewarding yourself and others in the process - Ibotta

Bryan Leach CEO of ibotta on the TechtalkRadio ShowBryan Leach

CEO & Founder
Ibotta Inc

Over the past couple of years I have been witness to the work that goes into couponing. I honestly have thought this has to be the reason more people don't do it on a level of creating a "stockpile" of goods. The constant hunting for newspaper circulars, the organizing of the coupons, making sure expirations don't run out and then the shopping expedition which becomes a chore in itself. Over the years apps have appeared in the Play Store and Apple Store to attempt to help organize coupons however the data still had to be entered and of course the work still had to be done. Facebook has some great groups for those looking for the great deals and coupons and many share the information and sometimes coupons they find. The concept of sharing has always been a great way to coupon with some working in teams to provide for their families.

Screen shot from ibotta of the App on a SmartphoneIn 2012 the Company iBotta Inc was established to bring savings through technology to smartphone users to find the deals while shopping. Over the past few years ibotta has seen incredible growth in part to sharing incentives which has given shoppers the opportunity to spend money and get paid to spend that money on goods the shopper was going to purchase, now at a savings AND be rewarded with cash back for your shopping. It's not a gimmick, it truly is a great way to save money through the growing partnerships of ibotta.

Ibotta the App Graphic for Interview with CEO Bryan LeachGetting paid while shopping is a nice thing! The rewards also comes for those that share the app, the bigger the group the more money that can be maid. If you shop with a store loyalty card, savings and rewards with ibotta can also be earned with those purchases as well. In speaking with the CEO Bryan Leach, one of the goals according to Bryan is to have shopping make it a one stop destination before any purchase. The nice thing for many is the elimination for some of of all the organizing of coupons as digital coupons are available on the App which can be transfered to loyalty cards or used for purchases. If you forget your smartphone, users can simple scan the reciept and then be rewarded for items that are a part of the ibotta savings.

Ibotta is free and saves you money and rewards you while saving money, sounds like a Win Win for everybody using. Recent numbers according to Ibotta and Consumer Research Partners show the Ibotta App as the 16th most frequently used app. Check out our discussion with CEO Bryan Leach of ibotta.

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