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TechtalkRadio takes a Look at the Cooler Master HAF932

This is an Archive originally created in April 2009 - Technology and Prices may have changed and we provide this for your research

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At this year's Consumer Electronics Show we had an Invite to stop by the Suite at the Palms and spend some time drooling over the product line from Cooler Master for Cooling your Computer..

The worldwide company produces products that house your system, power your system and cools your system. Cooling is a vital part in the development and longevity of your computer. Today's computer processor runs cooler than they did about five years ago however the addition of high end graphics processors and memory as well as faster spinning hard drives can generate more heat to your system. Heat can degrade your performance and in some case damage your hardware and that is where Cooler Masters Product line delivers.

HAF932 Case Photo for Article at TechtalkRadio.comWe took a look at a few products that the company has available with the first being the Cooler Master HAF932 computer system case. This beefy, not for the space conscious, full tower offers a well thought of design for installing your system board and peripherals while offering maximum cooling with three well placed fans for bringing air in and pushing the warm air out. The front of the system features a 230mm Red Led Fan spinning at about 700rpm. The red led gives the case an ominous and powerful look while the fan spins to bring the air into the system. Another huge 230mm fan on the side of the case works to keep the system components cool along with a 230mm on the top of the system. A rear 140mm fan works at 1200rpm to push the evil air out of the system.

While the cooling on the HAF932 is a feature to be happy with, the Cable Management also is something to enjoy. The cords and cable can be easily routed through the side of the system which helps air flow through the compartment rather than bundling up on your cords. Add on cards such as Video boards and audio cards snap in easily with a slider that locks them into place without the use of tools. The large black door on the unit provides a clear view as well as a black metal mesh to view into the system. It is much nicer to look at without spaghetti of cords hanging around the motherboard. With the door removed, access can be made to five slide out trays where hard drives can be easily mounted and stored. These trays are easily accessible with the removal of the opposite side panel for connecting the cables to the drives. More storage exists with 6 full 5 ¼ inch bays for DVD, Hard Drive, Backup and CD drives. For those that are serious about cooling and decide to liquid cool the system, a port on the top of the case can be used for easily filling the cooling solution. My wife said it's a great place to put the keys?

A front panel on the HAF932 provide easy plug in with four USB, one Firewire and one eSATA connection. Audio Out and Microphone in are also available and these of course are used with boards that support front panel connections. As we said earlier, this is not for the space conscious however the system can be installed with included wheels to easily move from room to room. Not my idea of a mobile computer but a feature I certainly appreciate. The Flat black look of the case and great design make it pleasing on the eyes and working in the system. The product retails for around $170 and is one of the best cases we've built a system with. We previously built a couple of systems with the Cooler Master 690 however the HAF932 adds the bells and whistles with cord management and cooling we had been wanting.   


The HAF932 Case we looked at also features a bottom install of the power supply. The company offer many different options for power supplies and different wattages based on your system needs. We took a look at the UCP or Ultimate Circuit Protection 900w for maximum performance and protection of your power needs. I'm certainly not an electrician but I am certain this unit can handle the demands of the Multi Core gaming system with its ample supply of 2 PCI-E 8 pin connections and 4 PCI-E 6 pin connectors. Those wanting to hook up Mega Drives will find 9 SATA power adapters and other connections for powering DVD, PATA and CD-ROM devices.

With any power supply, stability and efficiency is what it is all about. The Cooler Master UCP900w provides this with what is known as an 80 Plus Silver Certification. The efficiency rating delivered is in the 88% range and is accomplished with innovative circuit design. While it works great, it also looks great. The 120mm fan on the Cooler Master 900w again, helps with the airflow of the PSU while quietly keeping it cool. While the product is top of the line, the price is also set for this high end performance at around $299. For those building the Ultimate Gaming system, the Cooler Master 900w is a great way to go.


If we were to compare CPU products for the previous Pentium 4 from Cooler Master and today's popular V8 cooling solution, it would be like parking an 18 wheeler next to a Smart car. The computer cooling system internal to the V8 is a component suitable for today's faster high performance processors and one look at it, tells you, it's going to work. The 180w cooling solution features 4 separate sets of Aluminum fins with 8 diagonal up-rise heat pipes. The mirror finished base also provides 100% contact with the processor. The flow through design of the 120mm fan keeps air flowing through the aluminum fins and dissipates heat off the processor.  A precision control knob can be also used to vary the speed of the fan from 800rpm to 1800rpm. Even in our adjustments, the speed change was audible unnoticeable.

Mounting the Fan in the unit involved putting a back plate on the motherboard which works much better for the secure and tight connection to the processor and base. The bulk of the V8 is not wide and makes it easier to fit in most cases and looks fantastic in the HAF932. The design keeps the bulk off of the board and continues to allow the air to flow through the system.  You also don't have to be using the latest Intel Core i7 processor 1366 for this fan to keep you baby purring, the V8 works with most of today's current processor slots all the way down to the LGA 775 or AMD 940, AM2 and AM2+ and retails for around $70. Not a bad price for the peace of mind for a great cooling solution for your processor. Cooler Master recently introduced the V10 which is the Beast of CPU Cooling.

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