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AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Another segment from KMSB Fox 11 Daybreak where we take a look at a couple of smart devices from AT&T - The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Both Smartphones feature an impressive 5.7-inch screen and fantastic picture and video quality with the 16MP Rear and 5MP forward cameras. Check out our segment and read more below - Also take a look at our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Feature from April 2015

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Photo of Andy Taylor of TechtalkRadioInside the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Andy Taylor


AT&T Sent us over a couple of devices to take a look at that offer users larger screens, faster processing and greater battery saving features. The Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge + and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are the same screen size Smartphone’s and both running Android Lollipop however the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 offers enhanced productivity with the inclusion of the S Pen stylus. We love the idea of the S-Pen however a slight flaw in what we feel was design has caused some problems for some users, we'll write a little more about that coming up.

Both devices feature a 5.7-inch with an impressive resolution of 2,560 x 1440. Housing the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge + is powered by a new fast 8 core processor and 4GB of Ram Memory. Storage options are for either 32GB or 64GB which is unfortunate for those looking for ultra storage to 128GB as available with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Both the Samsung Galaxy units also do not offer MicroSD slots for adding additional storage however many user have still been fine with this by transferring data to Cloud based storage options.

The Camera on both the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge + and Galaxy Note 5 is impressive a Rear 16MP camera sensor with the ability to shoot 4k video and forward 5MP. The look of the Galaxy Note 5 is truly amazing, slimmer than the previous Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Both offer fingerprint recognition for logging in and of course the upcoming Samsung Pay service, with enhanced security features, which should be launching this week.

AT&T has some great plans available for those looking to make the most of the Data packages and family programs as well as the ability to upgrade your devices on an annual basis. The Rumors of a program from Samsung, similar to what Apple is doing with its Smartphone’s, could come to light soon allowing users to purchase the Smartphone’s with a monthly subscription allowing the users to upgrade annually and take it to the carrier of their choice.  

One issue we did find was with the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen. The Stylus itself is light and easy to use however the stylus could be inserted incorrectly into the “Phablet” and damage the Note 5. It is important to make sure the stylus is placed back in the Note 5 correctly. It would be nice to see a safeguard against this and while Samsung is aware of the issue, it has not been addressed as a design flaw.

Beyond that, both the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge + and Galaxy Note 5 are great additions to the lineup available from AT&T, to get a Hands On Look you could stop by an AT&T store and try them out – be sure to take a look at the Video and Photo Resolution and features – Pretty Amazing!

For more about the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge + or Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Check out the Samsung USA Site at

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